Twisted ankle


First and last name: Ana Kokić

Profession: Student

"Hi, I'm 21 years old and I do Pilates and jogging. While I was recently running on Košutnjak, I stepped on a rock on the track. I twisted my ankle, but I thought it was nothing terrible, because I could continue running. But in the evening, when the ankle cooled down, it started to hurt. A friend told me about the Active Hydrogen Professional cream and started using it 3-4 times a day. Applying the product felt pleasant, first it warmed my injured area and then it cooled down. I could massage my foot. After 2 days, the pain was weaker, and it was completely gone after 6 days. I am very satisfied. Regards"



First and last name: Marko Kamović

Profession: Programmer

"I go to the gym on a regular basis, 3 times a week, where I work with a personal gym trainer. He recommended me to use Active Hydrogen Professional Cream preventively before the training sessions, and I listened to him. It’s easier for me to do training sessions that are non-professional but more intensive. I've noticed that, when I rest a muscle group, there is no inflammation when I start training these muscles again."

Easier training session


First and last name: Miloš Šobajić


"I have been working as a professional coach for 15 years. I have used all kinds of products to help me do my training sessions as easily as possible. I have tried the Active Hydrogen cream by applying it before and after training sessions. I intensified the training sessions in order to see how it works with the most demanding efforts. It felt good. I worked out my legs and back because I wanted to stress the biggest muscle groups. I am very satisfied and I highly recommend the Active Hydrogen Professional cream to all professionals and amateurs."

Wrist injury when falling


First and last name: Milka Prokić

Profession: Senior sitizen

"Last winter, I slipped and fell on my left wrist. I couldn't move my hand and not even carry a bag. I applied this cream – active hydrogen – on a regular basis, several times a day, and after 10 days, I felt much better. I recommend it to all of you."

Elbow injury by falling down


First and last name: Mirko Nikolić

Profession: Mechanical engineer

"I do technical drawing for tool making. On an extremely cold winter day, wich everything frozen, I went to the store for supplies. A strong wind knocked me down to the ground. I felt a strong pain in my right elbow, I couldn't get on my feet, and passers-by helped me to get up. I couldn't move my right arm, and later at home, I noticed that my right forearm was significantly swollen and a huge bruise appeared. It was Friday, and I had to submit some technical drawings on the following Monday. Fortunately, my friends recommended me the Active Hydrogen Professional cream, which I applied non-stop every hour. I felt that the cream and the application felt extraordinary pleasant and tha I was feeling significantly better. To my huge surprise, the pain was monstly gone, and I managed to finish the technical drawings on time, on Sunday. I submitted the drawings on Monday and charged for my service. I used the earned money to take out my friends who recommended me the cream, because I wouldn't have finished the work without it."

Back pain


First and last name: dr. Filipović Miljojka

Profession: Retired pediatrician

„Aktiv hidrogen kremu sam prvo počela da koristim za ublažavanje bolova u leđima. U donjem trtičnom delu imam anatomski poremećaj. Pri dužem stajanju i dizanju nekog tereta, kao što je pijačni ceger, leđa me zabole. Namažem kremu i bude mi bolje, olakšava mi bolove i mogu mirnije da spavam. Aktiv hidrogen kremu koristim i za druge tegobe. Imala sam otežano hodanje i od kada je koristim i mažem kolena lakše idem niz i uz stepenice. Kad imam potrebu da upotrebim kremu onda je koristim 4-5 dana najmanje 3 puta dnevno. Masiram povređeno mesto i ako postoje modrice ili podlivi nestaju brzo. Kad god sam upotrebila ovu kremu za bolove meni bude bolje. Imam 86 godina.“

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