"I do technical drawing for tool making. On an extremely cold winter day, wich everything frozen, I went to the store for supplies. A strong wind knocked me down to the ground. I felt a strong pain in my right elbow, I couldn't get on my feet, and passers-by helped me to get up. I couldn't move my right arm, and later at home, I noticed that my right forearm was significantly swollen and a huge bruise appeared. It was Friday, and I had to submit some technical drawings on the following Monday. Fortunately, my friends recommended me the Active Hydrogen Professional cream, which I applied non-stop every hour. I felt that the cream and the application felt extraordinary pleasant and tha I was feeling significantly better. To my huge surprise, the pain was monstly gone, and I managed to finish the technical drawings on time, on Sunday. I submitted the drawings on Monday and charged for my service. I used the earned money to take out my friends who recommended me the cream, because I wouldn't have finished the work without it."

Mirko Nikolić, mechanical engineer